Capture a space in 3D
without a 3D scanner

How it works
  • Win more business

    Unparalleled one-stop 3D tour solution helping photographers, real estate agents, and hospitality industry professionals win more business.

    • Automated 3D tour generation

      Just upload 360° photos or videos to our cloud server. Then, our cutting-edge software automatically maps locations of hundreds of photos and align them in 3D, and you are ready to impress the world.

    • 10x cheaper to start and 20x faster to capture

      Use a consumer grade 360° camera available at any popular retail store. It only takes a few seconds to capture a 360° photo, and a dozen 360° photos can cover 1,000 square feet of space.

    • Intuitive cloud-based software

      Cupix is a Web-based software, and you don’t have to install any software on your computer. Using our web player, anyone in the world can do virtual walk-through and look around scenes in 360° in their web browser just like Google Street View.

    • Share 3D tours with the public with your brand

      It is only a button click away to share 3D tours with the public. We provide numerous ways to build a strong business brand and differentiate you from your competitors.

    • Publish to Google Maps instantly

      Cupix is a Google Street View Ready certified solution and publishing our 3D tours to Google Maps is completely streamlined. Blurring unwanted image areas, photo tone adjustment and blending your nadir photo at the bottom are seamlessly integrated into one solution.

  • Win more business Win more business Win more business
  • For AEC Pros

    Our 3D tour helps architects, construction professionals, and civil engineers create actionable insights over the life of the project.

    • Super fast 3D capture

      Capture 50,000 sqft (or 4,600 sqm) in less than two hours and create an as-built 3D photographic record.

    • Measure 3D dimensions

      You can achieve 1% or lower dimensional measurement error for every 65 ft (or 20 m) range.

    • Compare as-built scenes with a live BIM

      Compare a Revit, Navisworks or SketchUp model with hundreds of location-aligned panoramic photos from any camera angle.

    • 4D track changes

      Capture 3D tours whenever the project reaches milestones and secure the rock-solid proof of the progress.

    • Capture outdoors in a snap

      Cupix works well both for indoor and outdoor scenes, and you can get a KML file if GPS metadata is available.

    • Built-in secure collaboration

      You can restrict user access when sharing 3D tours with sign-in users and enable real-time discussion.

  • For AEC Pros For AEC Pros
  • Cupix is a software to post a virtual tour to Google Maps' Street View automatically. But it won't teach you how to fight off the hugs and kisses that your clients will inevitably try to give you.

  • Since CAS has started using Cupix's reality capture technology, clients, consultants and contractors on our projects have experienced the benefit in saving time & costs. It has not taken long for us to realize that this is a tool that is required on all future projects.

  • Cupix is providing a documentation tool that is smaller, faster and more flexible than current reality capture solutions on the market. This low-cost solution is democratizing the reality capture industry.

  • Cupix and other virtual tour software packages will be mainstream in the design and construction world any day now.